Interactive Lessons

Interactive lessons include a starter, main and plenary to engage all students and create pace and challenge throughout.

Schemes of Work

Interactive schemes of work contain all the resources a teacher needs to deliver the new GCSE specification at the touch of a button

Free Resources

Free resources range from individual lessons, worksheets and group activities to topic based and complete schemes of work.

eBooks and Worksheets

There is a huge range of worksheets to consolidate and extend learning whether in the classroom or at home.

Blogging and Pedagogy

I am passionate about sharing ideas for new and exciting ways to teach mathematics through my blog.  Comments are welcome!!

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An extremely well designed resource. Thank you for sharing it.

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"Many thanks for the resources, you have a fantastic site there and great that you have the resources in different formats."

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"I've tried a few of the resources and they are extremely well designed: starter, main, plenary; and most worked out to be exactly a whole lesson in length, without needing any textbook. Very impressed! This will save me a lot of work if I'm short on planning time. Will recommend it to the rest of my department!"