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    Interactive lessons include a starter, main and plenary to engage GCSE students and create pace and challenge throughout.
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Mr Mathematics GCSE Interactive Lessons for Immediate Download


Hundreds of lessons
Thousands of resources
Just £1.99 each

Mr Mathematics Schemes of Work for Mathematics Departments


Interactive Schemes of Work contain all the resources a teacher needs to deliver the new GCSE specification at the touch of a button

Mr Mathematics eBooks


These GCSE mathematics ebooks contain a selection of worksheets on key topics throughout the new GCSE maths curriculum. Each worksheet is designed to consolidate and extend learning from the front of the class while challenging students to solve functional problems and develop their mathematical reasoning. Solutions are included for each worksheet.

Mr Mathematics Free Resources


Free Interactive Maths Lessons and Free Interactive Whiteboard Question Generators

New at Mr Mathematics

Rounding Decimal Numbers

Rounding Decimal Numbers Students learn about accuracy when rounding decimal numbers.  Learning progresses from...

Subtraction with Decimal Numbers

Subtraction with Decimal Numbers How to use the column method to perform a subtraction with decimal numbers.  M...

Multiplication Problems

Multiplication Problems Students are taught how to solve a range of real life multiplication problems using the...

Multiplying Decimals using the Grid Method

Multiplying Decimals using the Grid Method Students learn about multiplying decimals using the grid method.  Th...

A typical Mr Mathematics Interactive lesson contains:

Smart Notebooks Presentation
Activ Inspire
Microsoft Power Point Presentation
Differentiated Worksheet
Interactive Excel

Excellent product, it has everything my department needs to teach: planning and resources. The notebook files are excellent, the worksheets are differentiated and lessons are supplemented with, among others, tarsias, excel question generators and qwizdom powerpoints. My teachers now have the tools (and time!) to deliver consistently outstanding lessons. James Polansky - Boundary Oak School

Mr Mathematics Blog

Geometrical Reasoning in Key Stage 3

Geometrical Reasoning in Key Stage 3 This term I am introducing geometrical reasoning in key stage 3 to Year 7.  I was thinking about where to start the topic, what the key objectives should be and how I can challenge the various abilities. Lower Ability students We start the topic learning how to measure and […]

Mathematics Lessons

As a Head of Mathematics in the South East of England I am all too aware of the desperate shortage of mathematics teachers in secondary schools and the need to retain the good teachers we have to deliver outstanding mathematics lessons. Having interactive, engaging and lessons with good pace that are founded on conceptual understanding […]

Multiplying with Negatives

I like to teach multiplying with negatives in a similar way to how students learned multiplication at primary school.  As a quicker and more efficient form of long addition. This way students consolidate addition and subtraction with negatives and extend that to multiplication and later division. Multiplying with negatives -2 x 3 is three lots […]