Blogs about Handling Data

Blogs about Handling Data

Drawing Frequency Trees for GCSE Maths

Drawing frequency trees for GCSE maths is a new topic and appears on both the higher and foundation curriculum.  I’ve taught this lesson a couple of times, once to Year 10 and once to Year 11 and I have to say the kids really enjoy it. What is a frequency tree? Frequency trees can be […]

Finding the mean average from a frequency table

In this blog I will discuss finding the mean average from a frequency table.  Students need to understand why the average is the total of the data divided by the sample size.  I like to use multi-link cubes to demonstrate this concept. Finding the mean average from a frequency table The first step when finding the mean […]

Box Plots and Whisker Diagrams

Earlier this week the school I work at was inspected. This caused a mixture of reaction amongst the staff. As a teacher of mathematics with a number of GCSE classes I was pretty confident I could expect to be observed. Box plots and whisker diagrams was my observation lesson. Beginning the Lesson As the students […]

Gambling in Maths

This is the second lesson in a probability project where students use probability to design a casino gambling game. In the first lesson the class created a spinner using fixed probabilities and compared the expected frequency of events with the actual results. This concluded with a discussion about the difference between theoretical and experimental probabilities, […]

Experimental Probability

I love teaching probability. For me, it is not necessarily about working out the likelihood of an event occurring but working out the event when given the probability. What I mean by this is it's not difficult to understand the probability of a fair dice landing on a 3 is 1/6 or the chances of picking […]