Blogs about Shape

Blogs about Shape

Extending transformations beyond shapes on a grid

While I was teaching a higher GCSE class about  Reflections, Rotations and Translations  I wanted to explore extending transformations beyond shapes on a grid to include transforming straight line graphs. About forty minutes into the lesson on reflections the majority of the students were quietly working their way through the activities.  The class were well […]

Pythagoras Theorem in 3D Shapes

Many problems involve three-dimensional objects or spaces.  Pythagoras Theorem in 3D Shapes can be used as much with these problems as those in plane shapes. Knowing when to use Pythagoras Theorem The starter recaps applying Pythagoras Theorem as part of a larger problem involving the perimeter of a trapezium and square.  The aim of this […]

Area of rectangles for a mixed ability maths class

Finding the area of a rectangle is such a key skill in mathematics as it leads on to many other aspects of shape, number, algebra and even handling data.  In this blog I’ll take you through how I teach the area of rectangles for a mixed ability maths class in Year 7. Difference between perimeter […]

Plan and Elevation Drawings of 3D shapes

Being able to construct plan and elevation drawings of 3D shapes is a key skill which often leads on to topics such as nets, isometric drawings, volume and surface area. An elevation drawing is the view that you would see in real life as you stand looking at either the front or side of the solid.  The plan is […]

Geometrical Reasoning in Key Stage 3

Geometrical Reasoning in Key Stage 3 This term I am introducing geometrical reasoning in key stage 3 to Year 7.  I was thinking about where to start the topic, what the key objectives should be and how I can challenge the various abilities. Lower Ability students We start the topic learning how to measure and […]

How to Construct Loci

The power of student's intuition is something I try to draw on in all of my lessons. Learning how to construct Loci is something I think lends itself to this way of teaching. Here's how I do it. At the beginning of the lesson I make sure every student has the following pieces of equipment: […]

Introducing Pythagoras' Theorem

One of my happiest memories of learning mathematics at secondary school was applying Pythagoras’ Theorem to calculate the lengths of various ladders that had been leant against a wall.  There was so much involved in solving the problem: sketching the diagram, manipulating the formula a2+b2=c2, substituting the known values in, using a calculator to evaluate […]