Algebra Interactive Lessons

Solving Quadratic Identities

Students learn how to solve quadratic identities by completing the square and equating terms. As learning progre...

Expanding Cubic Expressions

Students learn how to write the product of three binomials by expanding a cubic expression. Learning progresses ...

Solving One Step Equations

Solving One Step Equations Students learn how to solve a simple equation using the balance.  To do this they ar...

Setting up and Solving Equations

Setting up and Solving Equations Students learn how to set up an equation using written descriptions and known ...

A typical Mr Mathematics Interactive lesson contains:

Smart Notebooks Presentation
Activ Inspire
Microsoft Power Point Presentation
Differentiated Worksheet
Interactive Excel

Number Interactive Lessons

Writing Ratios in their Simplest Form

Key stage 3 lesson where students learn about writing ratios in their simplest form using the highest common fac...

Scale Drawings

Students learn how to draw diagrams to a scale using ratio notation.  As learning progresses they learn how to c...

Direct Proportion and Exchange Rates

Using equivalent ratios and the unitary method students learn how to calculate amounts that are in direct propor...

Ratio and Equivalent Proportions

Students learn how to use ratio and equivalent proportions to write a ratio as a fraction and percentage.  Using...

Shape Interactive Lessons

Applying Circle Theorems Involving Tangents

Students learn about applying circle theorems involving tangents to solve complex problems.  The alternate segme...
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Planes of Symmetry in 3D Shapes

Students learn how to identify the planes of symmetry in 3D shapes.  Learning progresses from sketching the plan...

How to perform rotations about a Centre

Students learn how to rotate an object on a grid using a centre, direction and amount of turn.  As learning prog...

Constructing Triangles using Compasses and Protractors

Students learn how about constructing triangles using compasses and protractors using SSS, SAS and ASA.  As lear...

Handling Data Interactive Lessons

Frequency Trees

Students learn how to create frequency trees from two-way tables and written descriptions.  As learning progress...

Draw and Interpret Line Graphs

Using real life data students learn how to draw and interpret line graphs. As learning progresses students learn...

Scatter Graphs and Correlation

Students learn how to describe relationships between two variables and illustrate them using scatter graphs. Sca...

Construct and Interpret Pie Charts

Students learn how to construct a pie chart from a frequency table.  As learning progresses they compare sets of...

Mr Mathematics Blog

Extending transformations beyond shapes on a grid

While I was teaching a higher GCSE class about  Reflections, Rotations and Translations  I wanted to explore extending transformations beyond shapes on a grid to include transforming straight line graphs. About forty minutes into the lesson on reflections the majority of the students were quietly working their way through the activities.  The class were well […]

Best secondary school maths websites

Here is a list of what I consider to be the best secondary school maths websites that I use every week. Best secondary school maths websites are ... UK Maths Challenge Geogebra This website has a good range of homework tasks for key stage 3 classes. Every worksheet includes a skill, challenge, literacy, research […]

Behaviour Management in a Mathematics Lesson

As we approach the start of a new school year I thought I would share some tips on behaviour management in a mathematics lesson. These are things that I have picked up over the years and have worked well for me. I am sure there are opposing viewpoints and you may find some of these […]