Angles in Parallel Lines

Angles in Parallel Lines / GCSE / Interactive Lessons
Angles in Parallel Lines
Angles in Parallel Lines

What's Included

  • Smart Notebooks Presentation
  • Activ Inspire Flipchart
  • Lesson Plan
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Angles in Parallel Lines

This lesson is intended to guide the class through discovering alternate, corresponding and interior angles in parallel lines.  By defining these properties for themselves students are more likely to understand their origins and be better able to apply them when calculating unknown angles.
Differentiated Learning Objectives
  • All students should be able to recognise alternate and corresponding angle to be equal and interior angles to have a sum of 180 degrees.
  • Most students should be able to calculate unknown angles in parallel lines using a alternate, interior or corresponding property.
  • Some students should be able to calculate unknown angles in parallel lines using a combination of alternate, corresponding and interior angles
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