Division with Decimal Numbers

Division with Decimal Numbers
Division with Decimal Numbers
Division with Decimal Numbers

What's Included

  • Smart Notebooks Presentation
  • Activ Inspire Flipchart
  • Lesson Plan
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  • Differentiated Worksheet

Division with Decimal Numbers

Students learn how to perform division with decimal numbers using the box method.  Less able students use a timetables grid to help with arithmetic.  More able find missing lengths when given the area or volume of a shape.

The start of the lesson is used to recap multiplication.  Later, students are taught how to divide with decimal numbers without a remainder.  Throughout the lesson students are encouraged to estimate solutions.  In the plenary, students find the mean average of five decimal numbers.

Differentiated Learning Objectives
  • All students should be able to divide an integer by a single digit.
  • Most students should be able to use the box method to divide with decimals without leaving remainders.
  • Some students should be able to use significant figures to approximate division.
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Working with Decimal NumbersMaths lessons to engage and inspire.

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