Nets of Solids

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Nets of Solids
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What's Included

  • Smart Notebooks Presentation
  • Activ Inspire Flipchart
  • Lesson Plan
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  • Differentiated Worksheet

Nets of Solids

Students learn how to visualise a solid 3D shape from its net and how different nets can create identical solids. In the main part of the lesson students learn to investigate all the unique nets for a cube and cuboid.  As learning progresses they consider the nets of various other prisms including cylinders.
Differentiated Learning Objectives
  • All students should be able to recognise different unique nets for a cube.
  • Most students should be able to recognise unique nets for a cube, cuboid and regular prisms.
  • Some students should be able to construct a net to scale for any regular prism.
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