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Trigonometry eBook

              Trigonometry eBook

              This trigonometry eBook contains a selection of A4 printable worksheets  for GCSE mathematics .  Solutions are provided to enable quick and easy feedback.

              Topics Included

              • Pythagoras’ Theorem – Finding the Hypotenuse
              • Pythagoras’ Theorem – Finding the Shorter Side
              • Trigonometry - Calculating a Length
              • Trigonometry - Calculating an Angle
              • Trigonometry – Mixed Problems
              • Three Dimensional Trigonometry
              • Applying the Sine Rule
              • Applying the Cosine Rule to Calculate Lengths
              • Applying the Cosine Rule to Calculate Angles
              • Area of a triangle formula
              • Trigonometric graphs and equations
              • Sin, Cos & Tan 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°
              Click here to download a sample PDF.
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