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Volume and Surface Area eBook

This eBook contains a selection of fully differentiated and printable worksheets on vo...
eBook£4.99 £2.49

Problem Solving with Number

Students practise problem solving with number using times tables, addition, subtraction and the order of operati...
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Multiplication Problems

Students are taught how to solve a range of real life multiplication problems using the grid and column method. ...

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Excellent product, it has everything my department needs to teach: planning and resources. The notebook files are excellent, the worksheets are differentiated and lessons are supplemented with, among others, tarsias, excel question generators and qwizdom powerpoints. My teachers now have the tools (and time!) to deliver consistently outstanding lessons.James Polansky - Boundary Oak School

Mr Mathematics Blog

Calculating Instantaneous Rates of Change

When calculating instantaneous rates of change students need to  visualise the properties of the gradient for a straight line graph.   I use the starter activity to see if they can match four graphs with their corresponding equations. The only clue is the direction and steepness of the red lines in relation to the blue line […]

Converting Between Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Fractions, decimals and percentages are ways of showing a proportion of something.  Any fraction can be written as a decimal, and any decimal can be written as a percentage.  In this blog I discuss how to use the place value table and equivalent fractions to illustrate how fractions, decimals and percentages are connected. You can […]

Comparing Datasets using the Mean and Range

In my experience, students, in general, find the concept of a mean straightforward to calculate and understand. However, the mean alone does not provide a complete picture of a set of data. To achieve this, a measure of spread is also required. The range is the simplest measure that can be used for this. Not […]