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Edexcel A-Level Mathematics Year 2: Pure 2: Radians

Mastering Describing Transformations on a Grid

In this lesson, students will learn how to describe geometrical transformations on a grid.

Students are introduced to four types of transformations: reflections, rotations, enlargements, and translations.

Volume of Similar Shapes

In this lesson, we learn about the length and volume scale factor of 3D shapes and the relationship between them.

Pull Up Nets

Home learning project teaching how to create pull up nets for 3D shapes.

Mr Mathematics Blog

Problem-Solving with Angles in Polygons

How to teach problem solving with angles in polygons through scaffolding.

The Sum to Infinity of Geometric Series – A-Level Maths Tutorial

Explore geometric series in our A-Level Maths tutorial. Perfect for students/teachers, with resources to download at

Sequences and Series

Edexcel A-Level Mathematics Year 2: Pure 2: Algebraic Methods