Distance Learning – Solving Quadratic Equations

Distance learning with Mr Mathematics.

Each lesson will take about one hour complete. Start by watching the video then click the Begin Lesson.

You will need to login to your individual or school membership account to access the online lesson and worksheet.

Take your time to work through questions on the first three slides. Make sure to check your answers as you go by clicking the ANS buttons next to the questions.

The worksheet can be used for extra practice if you need. There are also some challenge questions included to extend your learning.

The fourth slide presents a final challenge to stretch your learning ready for the next lesson.

1 Solving Quadratics by Factorising

2. More Solving Quadratics by Factorising

3. Solving Complex Quadratics by Factorising

4. More Solving Complex Quadratics by Factorising

5. Solving Quadratic Identities

6. Completing the Square

7. More Problems with Completing the Square

8. Using the Quadratic Formula to Solve Equations

9. Form and Solve Quadratic Equations

10. More Problems Forming and Solving Quadratic Equations

11. Sketching Quadratic Graphs

12. Quadratic and Linear Simultaneous Equations

13. More Problems with Quadratic and Linear Simultaneous Equations

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