Grade 4 Calculator Problems

In this lesson there are eight calculator based problems for students aiming at, or trying to consolidate a grade 4 at GCSE mathematics.

Grade 4 Calculator Problems

The eight grade 4 calculator problems cover the following topics:

  • Error Intervals
  • Angles in parallel lines
  • Substitution into formulae
  • Similar shapes
  • Equations and inequalities
  • Problem solving with triangles
  • Scatter graphs
  • Frequency polygons

Here is a sample of three questions.

Grade 4 Similar Shapes

Grade 4 Calculator Problems

The key to this problem is to work out the length scale factor of the two shapes to find the width of the larger rectangle.

I encourage students to think about how the word similar describes the relationship between the two rectangles. The purpose being to identify that one is an enlargement of the other.

When students work out the length scale factor everyone is able to correctly find the perimeter of the larger shape.

Grade 4 Angles in Parallel Lines

Grade 4 Calculator Problems

This question connects the properties of angles in parallel lines with angles in a triangle.

Nearly all students work out angle ABD using angles on a straight line but often struggle to go further.

I encourage students to use angles in parallel lines to work out BCE, and angles in a triangle to find ADB.

With BCE and ADB found all students go on to solve the problem correctly.

Grade 4 Problem Solving with Triangles

This question connects the area of a triangle with Pythagoras’ Theorem. You can watch the video here.

I encourage students to draw a sketch of the red triangle so it is separated from the rectangle. With the base of 18 cm given I ask them consider what else they need to know about the triangle.

Most of the class realise the need to Pythagoras’ Theorem to find the perpendicular height, AE of the triangle.

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