Higher GCSE Mathematics Exam Revision – Spring Term 1

The program of revision reminds students of the key concepts, at their potential target grade. It is based around a cycle of formal fortnightly, hour long assessments which are provided by examination boards.

The revision cycle takes place over 7 lessons per fortnight with the assessment taking place in the 7th lesson. Lesson 1 in the next cycle is used to go through the assessment with the students. This ensures every student has sufficient exam style practice applying the skills they revised in the previous five lessons.

All revision lessons begin with a range of traditional questions that remind students of the skill they are revising. As learning progresses they apply this skill to solve wider ranging problems that connect to other areas of mathematics.

Cycle 1

Aiming for Grades 5 to 6

Aiming for Grades 7 to 9

Cycle 2

Aiming for Grades 5 to 6

Model Solutions to Set 1 Paper 1


Scatter Graphs and Correlation

Aiming for Grades 7 to 9

Model solutions to Set 1 Paper 1


Probability Trees for Conditional Events

Cycle 3

Aiming for Grades 5 to 6

Model Solutions Set 1 Paper 2


Problems with Circles

Aiming for Grades 7 to 9

Model Solutons Set 1 Paper 2


Solving Equations Graphically

Algebraic Proof

Stratified Sampling

Area Under Non-Linear Graphs

Assessment Set 1 Paper 3


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