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Algebra Interactive Lessons

Revising Simplifying Algebraic Fractions

Students revise how to simplify the sum and difference of algebraic fractions using binomials.  Later, as learni...

Revising Gradients of Curves

Students revise how to estimate the gradient at a point along a curve.  As learning progresses they link this to...

Revising Inverse and Composite Functions

Students revise how to find the inverse of a function using the correct notation.  Later, as learning progresses...

Revising Non-Linear Sequences

Students revise how to calculate missing terms and the nth term of quadratic and geometric sequences.  Later, as...

A typical Mr Mathematics Interactive lesson contains:

Smart Notebooks Presentation
Activ Inspire
Microsoft Power Point Presentation
Differentiated Worksheet
Interactive Excel

Number Interactive Lessons

Revising Calculations with Surds

Students revise how to simplify surds and rationalise the denominator.  Later, as learning progresses students u...

Revising Primes and Prime Factors

Students revise how to write a number as a product of its prime factors in index form.  Later, as learning progr...

Revising Reverse Percentages

Students revise how to calculate the original amount after a percentage change.  Later, learning progresses on t...

Revising Best Value Ratio Problems

Students revise how to determine the best value of two or more offers using ratio notation and proportional reas...

Shape Interactive Lessons

Revising Isometric and Elevation Drawings of 3D Shapes

Students revise how to draw a plan, front elevation and side elevation of 3D shapes.  Later, as learning progres...

Revising Sectors and their Formulae

Students revise how to calculate the area and arc length of a sector.  Later, as learning progresses they use th...

Revising Density and Pressure

Students revise how to calculate density and pressure as compound measures.  Later, as learning progresses they ...

Revising Area of 2D Shapes

Students revise how to calculate the area of rectangles, triangles, parallelograms and trapezia.  Later, as lear...

Handling Data Interactive Lessons

Revising Probability Trees and Independent Events

Students revise how to calculate the probability of two or more independent events.  Later, learning progresses ...

Revising Venn Diagrams and Set Notation

Students revise how to organise events and probabilities into a Venn diagram.  Later, as learning progresses the...

Revising Writing Probabilities

Students revise how to write the theoretical probability of an event using fractions.  As learning progresses th...

Revising Expectation and Mutually Exclusive Events

Students revise how to calculate the probability of an event not happening using mutual exclusivity.  Later, as ...

Mr Mathematics Blog

Literacy in Mathematics – Creating Problem Solvers

Last year my school had a OFSTED trial inspection. Whilst the maths team recieved favourable feedback the inspectors noted a need for a focus on whole school literacy. Because of this I was asked to demonstrate how we develop student’s literacy in mathematics. Literacy in Mathematics By developing student’s literacy in mathematics we aim to […]

Angles in Polygons

There are two key learning points when solving problems with angles in polygons.  The first is to understand why all the exterior angles of a polygon have a sum of 360°.  The second is to understand the interior and exterior angles appear on the same straight line. Students can be told these two facts and […]

Getting Ready for a New School Year

When getting ready for a new school year I have a list of priorities to work through. Knowing my team have all the information and resources they need to teach their students gives me confidence we will start the term in the best possible way.  Mathematics Teaching and Learning Folder All teachers receive a folder […]