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Algebra Interactive Lessons

Revising Algebraic Proof

Students revise how to prove a mathematical statement using the correct notation and algebraic reasoning.  Later...

Revising Area Under a Curve

Students revise how to estimate the distance travelled in a speed-time graph by finding the area under a curve. ...

Revising Rearranging Complex Formulae

Students revise how to change the subject of a formula by factorising.  Later, as learning progresses students u...

Revising Perpendicular and Parallel Gradients

Students revise how to calculate the equation of parallel and perpendicular straight line graphs.  Later, as lea...

A typical Mr Mathematics Interactive lesson contains:

Smart Notebooks Presentation
Activ Inspire
Microsoft Power Point Presentation
Differentiated Worksheet
Interactive Excel

Number Interactive Lessons

Revising Non-Calculator Percentage Problems

Students revise how to use non-calculator methods to find a percentage of an amount.  Later, as learning progres...

Revising Multiples and Lowest Common Multiples

Students revise how to calculate the lowest common multiple of two or more integers.  Later, as learning progres...

Revising Powers and Roots

Students revise how to calculate square and cube numbers and their roots using mental and calculator methods.  L...

Revising Highest Common Factors

Students revise how to calculate all the common factors of two or more integeres.  Later, as learning progresses...

Shape Interactive Lessons

Revising Volume and Surface Area of Cuboids

Students revise how to calculate the volume and total surface area of cubes and cuboids.  Later, as learning pro...

Revising Problems with Circles

Students revise how to calculate the area and circumference of circles and circular shapes.  Later, as learning ...

Revising Angle Properties

Students revise how to calculate unknown angles on a straight line, in a triangle and about a point.  Later, as ...

Revising Imperial and Metric Conversions

Students revise how to convert between imperial and metric units of length, weight and capacity.  Later, as lear...

Handling Data Interactive Lessons

Revising Writing Probabilities

Students revise how to write the theoretical probability of an event using fractions.  As learning progresses th...

Revising Expectation and Mutually Exclusive Events

Students revise how to calculate the probability of an event not happening using mutual exclusivity.  Later, as ...

Revising Scatter Graphs and Correlation

Students revise how to plot and interpret scatter graphs.   Later, as learning progresses they use correlation a...

Revising Conditional Probability

Students revise how to calculate a theoretical probability based on two or more conditional events.  Later, as l...

Mr Mathematics Blog

Angles in Polygons

There are two key learning points when solving problems with angles in polygons.  The first is to understand why all the exterior angles of a polygon have a sum of 360°.  The second is to understand the interior and exterior angles appear on the same straight line. Students can be told these two facts and […]

Getting Ready for a New School Year

When getting ready for a new school year I have a list of priorities to work through. Knowing my team have all the information and resources they need to teach their students gives me confidence we will start the term in the best possible way.  Mathematics Teaching and Learning Folder All teachers receive a folder […]

Mathematics OFSTED Inspection – The Deep Dive

Earlier this week, my school took part in a trial OFSTED inspection as part of getting ready for the new inspection framework in September 2019. This involved three Lead Inspectors visiting our school over the course of two days. The first day involved a ‘deep dive’ by each of the Lead Inspectors into Mathematics, English […]