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Algebra Interactive Lessons

Revising Quadratic and Linear Simultaneous Equations

Students revise how to solve a pair of quadratic and linear equations simultaneously by substitution.  Later, as...

Revising Equations with Algebraic Fractions

Students revise how to set up and solve quadratic equations from algebraic fractions.  Later, as learning progre...

Revising Transforming Graphs

Students revise how to perform vertical and horizontal translations of graphical functions.  Later, as learning ...

Revising Simplifying Algebraic Fractions

Students revise how to simplify the sum and difference of algebraic fractions using binomials.  Later, as learni...

A typical Mr Mathematics Interactive lesson contains:

Smart Notebooks Presentation
Activ Inspire
Microsoft Power Point Presentation
Differentiated Worksheet
Interactive Excel

Number Interactive Lessons

Revising Rounding and Estimations

Students revise how to round numbers to a given place value, decimal place and significant figure.  Later, as le...

Revising Surds

Students revise how to simplify a surd using square factors.  Later, as learning progresses they use simplified ...

Revising Direct Proportion

Students revise how to use ratio notation and the unitary method to solve problems involving direct proportion. ...

Revising Calculations with Surds

Students revise how to simplify surds and rationalise the denominator.  Later, as learning progresses students u...

Shape Interactive Lessons

Revising Vector Notation and Proof

Students revise how to describe the path between two points as a vector.  Later, as learning progresses they use...

Revising Similar Shapes

Students revise how to calculate the lengths and angles in similar shapes using the length scale factor, Pythago...

Revising Circle Theorems

Students revise how to find missing angles in circles and tangents.  Theorems include: angle at the centre and c...

Revising Geometric Proof

Students revise how to prove geometric relationships using the correct notation and explanations.  Later, as lea...

Handling Data Interactive Lessons

Revising Pie Charts

Students revise how to draw a pie chart using fractions of an amount.  Later, as learning progresses they interp...

Revising Averages and Range

Students revise how to calculate the mode, median, mean and average from a set of listed data.  Later, as learni...

Revising Probability Trees and Independent Events

Students revise how to calculate the probability of two or more independent events.  Later, learning progresses ...

Revising Venn Diagrams and Set Notation

Students revise how to organise events and probabilities into a Venn diagram.  Later, as learning progresses the...

Mr Mathematics Blog

Probability – Distance Learning

Distance learning unit of work on Probability.

This unit covers grades 3 to 5 of the U.K. National Curriculum.

Distance Learning with Mr Mathematics

With schools around the United Kingdom closed to most students it is important every child has access to engaging maths lessons through distance learning.

How to Draw a Venn Diagram to Calculate Probabilities

There are three common ways to organise data that fall into multiple sets: two-way tables, frequency diagrams and Venn diagrams.  Having blogged about frequency diagrams before I thought I would write about how to draw a Venn Diagram to calculate probabilities. Recapping Two-Way Tables This activity works well to review two-way tables from the previous […]