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Algebra Interactive Lessons

Revising Quadratic and Linear Simultaneous Equations

Students revise how to solve a pair of quadratic and linear equations simultaneously by substitution.  Later, as...

Revising Transforming Graphs

Students revise how to perform vertical and horizontal translations of graphical functions.  Later, as learning ...

Revising Simplifying Algebraic Fractions

Students revise how to simplify the sum and difference of algebraic fractions using binomials.  Later, as learni...

Revising Gradients of Curves

Students revise how to estimate the gradient at a point along a curve.  As learning progresses they link this to...

A typical Mr Mathematics Interactive lesson contains:

Smart Notebooks Presentation
Activ Inspire
Microsoft Power Point Presentation
Differentiated Worksheet
Interactive Excel

Number Interactive Lessons

Revising Rounding and Estimations

Students revise how to round numbers to a given place value, decimal place and significant figure.  Later, as le...

Revising Direct Proportion

Students revise how to use ratio notation and the unitary method to solve problems involving direct proportion. ...

Revising Calculations with Surds

Students revise how to simplify surds and rationalise the denominator.  Later, as learning progresses students u...

Revising Primes and Prime Factors

Students revise how to write a number as a product of its prime factors in index form.  Later, as learning progr...

Shape Interactive Lessons

Revising Simlar Shapes

Students revise how to calculate the lengths and angles in similar shapes using the length scale factor, Pythago...

Revising Circle Theorems

Students revise how to find missing angles in circles and tangents.  Theorems include: angle at the centre and c...

Revising Geometric Proof

Students revise how to prove geometric relationships using the correct notation and explanations.  Later, as lea...

Revising Spheres, Cones and Pyramids

Students revise how to calculate the volume and total surface area of spheres, cones and pyramids.  Later, as le...

Handling Data Interactive Lessons

Revising Pie Charts

Students revise how to draw a pie chart using fractions of an amount.  Later, as learning progresses they interp...

Revising Averages and Range

Students revise how to calculate the mode, median, mean and average from a set of listed data.  Later, as learni...

Revising Probability Trees and Independent Events

Students revise how to calculate the probability of two or more independent events.  Later, learning progresses ...

Revising Venn Diagrams and Set Notation

Students revise how to organise events and probabilities into a Venn diagram.  Later, as learning progresses the...

Mr Mathematics Blog

Preparing Students for a Mathematics Exam

Preparing students for a mathematics exam takes time, patience and careful planning.  In this blog I will share my ideas for teaching students how to prepare for their final exams.  These are strategies that have worked well for me and I have see work well for others.  Creative writing to formulate ideas Students need space […]

Area of Compound Shapes

To find the area of compound shapes students need to understand what the word compound means.  Therefore, I ask students to discuss in pairs a definition for the word compound and to extend it to include the shapes below.  As a result of their learning in science students agree that a compound can be defined […]

Priorities for the Spring Term

At the start of the Spring Term these are three main priorities for me as the Head of Mathematics.