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Mr Mathematics Membership

Unlimited and immediate access to over 450 + mathematics lessons, worksheets and much more.  All lessons and worksheets include solutions.

You also get:

  • Unrestricted access to the Members Page to keep up to date with the term’s topics and new teaching and learning materials.
  • Detailed schemes of work founded on pedagogy and 15 years teaching experience.


Quality is still great, new materials every month, very easy to access at home or work. At less than £1 per week this is the best value subscription around.
John Molden

These resources are excellent! The differentiation through the questions is very well considered and leads students onto problem solving in a natural manner.
Matthew McGrath

This is a fantastic resource for any teacher!
The resources are of great quality and well-designed saving you a massive amount of time on planning.
Sam Kempson

All these resources provide plenty of practice via discussion, problem solving, modelling, reasoning and communication making them suitable for the current specifications.

Teaching Mathematics Through Problem Solving

Fluent Understanding of Concepts

Fluent Understanding of Skills and Concepts

Interpret and Communicate Information

Interpret and Communicate Information

Acquire Techniques to Solve Problems

Acquire Techniques to Solve Problems

Reasoning and Drawing Conclusions

Reasoning and Drawing Conclusions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the membership include access to all the lessons and worksheets on this site?

Yes, members have unrestricted access to every teaching and learning resource available on Mr Mathematics.

Are the GCSE schemes of work applicable for different exam boards?

Yes, the schemes of work cover the entire Foundation and Higher GCSE mathematics curriculum. The long, medium and short term plans are valid whether for all GCSE Mathematics exam boards including Edexcel, AQA and WJEC.

What is the difference between an Individual and School membership?

Individual memberships allow access to a single user. School memberships allow access to all staff memberships who are employed by the purchasing school or college.

Mr Mathematics Blog

Angles in Polygons

There are two key learning points when solving problems with angles in polygons.  The first is to understand why all the exterior angles of a polygon have a sum of 360°.  The second is to understand the interior and exterior angles appear on the same straight line. Students can be told these two facts and […]

Getting Ready for a New School Year

When getting ready for a new school year I have a list of priorities to work through. Knowing my team have all the information and resources they need to teach their students gives me confidence we will start the term in the best possible way.  Mathematics Teaching and Learning Folder All teachers receive a folder […]

Mathematics OFSTED Inspection – The Deep Dive

Earlier this week, my school took part in a trial OFSTED inspection as part of getting ready for the new inspection framework in September 2019. This involved three Lead Inspectors visiting our school over the course of two days. The first day involved a ‘deep dive’ by each of the Lead Inspectors into Mathematics, English […]