Problem Solving Maths Lessons

Problem solving is at the heart of engaging and inspiring mathematics lessons.

Last year my faculty went through two OFSTED inspections.  A trial inspection with three HMIs and a real inspection shorty before lockdown.  The trial inspection showed all students have a love of maths. Later, the real inspection, in the words of my headteacher, simply blew the lead inspector away.

In each inspection we showed how we teach the curriculum through problem solving.  Shortly after blogging about the inspections I received hundreds of messages from educators seeking advice about how they can embed such an approach.  My answer is simple, make problem solving questions a feature of every lesson for students of all abilities.

To help with this I would like to share with four new problem solving lessons. These range from applying the rules of arithmetic to solving real life problems with compound interest.  Every lesson comes with a worksheet and tutorial video that model the solutions.  More problem solving lessons will be added more soon.

Sample Problem Solving Mathematics Lessons

Problem Solving Mathematics Lessons

Perimeter and Area

Students are challenged to solve problems involving perimeter and area of rectangles and triangles.

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Problem Solving Mathematics Lessons


Students are challenged to apply their understanding of the mean, mode, median and range to solve problems involving datasets.

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Problem Solving Mathematics Lessons

Written Methods

Students are challenged to apply the rules of arithmetic to a series of real-life, functional problems.

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Problem Solving Mathematics Lessons

Compound Percentages

Students are challenged to apply compound percentage changes to calculate an original amount after a percentage change, a percentage rate and compare real-life investments.

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