Year 11 Term 4

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Year 11 Term 4

Revising Trigonometry in Right-Angled Triangles

Students revise how to calculate unknown angles and lengths in right-angled triangles using Sine, Cosine and Tan...

Revising Vector Notation and Proof

Students revise how to describe the path between two points as a vector.  Later, as learning progresses they use...

Revising Venn Diagrams and Set Notation

Students revise how to organise events and probabilities into a Venn diagram.  Later, as learning progresses the...

Revising Volume of Prisms

Students revise how to calculate the volume of prisms as the product of cross-sectional area and depth.  As lear...

Revising Writing Numbers in Standard Form

Students revise how to convert numbers between ordinary and standard form.  As learning progresses they perform ...

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Problem Solving with Averages

Students are challenged to apply their understanding of the mean, mode, median and range to calculate datasets by setting up and solving equations.

Problem Solving with Compound Percentages

Five, real-life and functional problem solving questions on compound percentage changes.

Pull Up Nets

Home learning project teaching how to create pull up nets for 3D shapes.