Year 7 Term 3

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Year 7 Term 3

Volume of Cubes and Cuboids

Students learn how to find the volume of cubes and cuboids using the area of the  cross-section and depth.  Lear...

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Distance Learning with Mr Mathematics

How to use Mr Mathematics' resources to support distance learning.

How to Draw a Venn Diagram to Calculate Probabilities

There are three common ways to organise data that fall into multiple sets: two-way tables, frequency diagrams and Venn diagrams.  Having blogged about frequency diagrams before I thought I would write about how to draw a Venn Diagram to calculate probabilities. Recapping Two-Way Tables This activity works well to review two-way tables from the previous […]

Year 11 March Mock Exam

How to make the most of Year 11's time between their second mock and final summer exams.