Circle Theorems

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Circle Theorems

Applying Circle Theorems Involving Tangents

The alternate segment theorem and angle between a radius and tangent are used to solve complex geometry problems...

Applying Multiple Circle Theorems

Students learn about applying multiple circle theorems to solve complex problems. The relevant circle theorems a...

Revising Circle Theorems

Students revise how to find missing angles in circles and tangents.  Theorems include: angle at the centre and c...

Circle Theorems

Students are taken through the discovery of various circle theorems. The theorems include, angle at the centre i...

Tangents Circle Theorems

This lesson guides the class through the discovery of circle theorems involving tangents. The theorems include, ...

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Distance Learning – Constructing Loci

Students learn how to solve real-life problems involving the loci and equidistant path

Distance Learning – Circle Theorems

Students discover and apply circle theorems involving tangents, radi, chords and segments.

Distance Learning – Scatter Graphs

Four lessons covering how to plot and interpret scatter graphs using the line of best fit for GCSE mathematics.