Properties of Shapes

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Properties of Shapes

3D Shapes and Prisms

Students learn about 3D shapes and prisms using their cross section, faces, vertices and number of edges.  More ...

Describing Quadrilaterals

Students learn about describing quadrilaterals using their special features.  More able students are challenged ...

Properties of Triangles

Students learn about the properties of triangles.  They explore the various unique triangles that can be made on...

Revising Isometric and Elevation Drawings of 3D Shapes

Students revise how to draw a plan, front elevation and side elevation of 3D shapes.  Later, as learning progres...

Revising Properties of Quadrilaterals

Students revise how to describe the unique properties of each quadrilateral.  As learning progresses they use th...

Tessellation with Shapes

Students learn about tessellation with shapes.  More able students consider the angles of each shape.  Less able...

Mr Mathematics Blog

Deep Dive Mathematics Inspection

My experience as a Head of Mathematics going through the deep dive OFSTED inspection.

Calculating a Reverse Percentage

How to use ratios and proportional reasoning as a model for finding the original amount after a percentage change.

Area of Compound Shapes

To find the area of compound shapes students need to understand what the word compound means.