Simultaneous Equations

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Simultaneous Equations

Revising Quadratic and Linear Simultaneous Equations

Students revise how to solve a pair of quadratic and linear equations simultaneously by substitution.  Later, as...

Revising Simultaneous Equations by Elimination

Students revise how to solve a pair of simultaneous equation by elimination.  Learning progresses from equations...

Problems with Simultaneous Equations

To introduce the idea of equivalent equations the starter involves calculating the common factor between multipl...

Solving Simultaneous Equations

At the start of the lesson students review deriving and solving a simple equation from a geometrical puzzle.  Th...

Solving Simultaneous Equations Graphically

The start of the lesson involves recognising the properties of linear functions both algebraically and graphical...

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Area of Compound Shapes

To find the area of compound shapes students need to understand what the word compound means.

Preparing Students for a Mathematics Exam

Strategies that have worked well for me and I have seen work well for others.

Priorities for the Spring Term

At the start of the Spring Term these are three main priorities for me as the Head of Mathematics.