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Addition and Subtraction with Column Vectors

Students learn how to perform addition and subtraction with column vectors using diagrams.  Later, as learning p...

Revising Vector Notation and Proof

Students revise how to describe the path between two points as a vector.  Later, as learning progresses they use...

Vector Problems with Ratio

Students learn how to solve problems with vectors when ratio notation is used to define a magnitude.As learn...

Geometrical Proof with Vectors

Students learn how to use vector notation to prove geometrical facts about 2D shapes.  Throughout the lesson stu...

Vector Addition and Subtraction

Students learn how to perform vector addition and subtraction using column notation.  As learning progresses stu...

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Problem Solving with Compound Percentages

Five, real-life and functional problem solving questions on compound percentage changes.

Pull Up Nets

Home learning project teaching how to create pull up nets for 3D shapes.

Distance Learning with Mr Mathematics

How to use Mr Mathematics' resources to support distance learning.