Comparing the Probability of Events

Comparing the Probability of Events
Comparing the Probability of Events
Comparing the Probability of Events
Comparing the Probability of Events

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Comparing the Probability of Events

Students learn about comparing the probability of events using fractions on a probability scale.At the start of the lesson students recap writing a probability as a fraction.  In the development stage they learn how to place events along a probability scale to compare their likelihoods.  The end of lesson is used to assess their progress using mini-whiteboards.
Differentiated Learning Objectives
  • All students should be able to place probabilities written as keywords along a probability scale
  • Most students should be able to use probabilities and the probability scale to compare the likelihood of events happening.
  • Some students should be able to compare the probabilities of two events using equivalent fractions.
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Chance and Probability

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