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Number Calculations eBook

              Number Calculations eBook

              This number calculations eBook contains a selection of A4 printable worksheets  for GCSE mathematics .  Solutions are provided to enable quick and easy feedback.

              Topics Included

              • Place value
              • Column addition & subtraction
              • Multiplying by multiples of ten
              • Dividing by multiples of ten
              • Multiples of a number
              • Factors of an integer
              • Prime Numbers
              • Ordering negative numbers
              • Order of operations
              • Short Multiplication
              • Short division
              • Decimal addition and subtraction
              • Adding and subtracting with negatives
              • Multiplying and dividing with negatives
              • Long multiplication
              • Long Division
              • Using a calculator
              • Prime factors
              • Highest Common Factor & Lowest Common Multiple
              Click here to download a sample PDF.
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