School’s Annual Membership

              School’s Annual Membership

              Unlimited and immediate access to over 450 + mathematics lessons, worksheets and much more.  All lessons and worksheets include solutions.

              A school's annual membership gives the following to all its teachers:
              • Unrestricted access to the Members Page to keep up to date with the term's topics and new teaching and learning materials.
              • Detailed schemes of work for all abilities covering the 11 - 16 curriculum, founded on pedagogy and over 15 years teaching experience.
              • Exclusive access to interactive teaching and learning materials that will engage and inspire all students.
              Once payment is confirmed, you will recieve a unique school username and password within 24 hours.
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              Mr Mathematics Blog

              Showing Progress during a Mathematics Lesson

              Demonstrating student progression during a mathematics lesson is about understanding the learning objective and breaking that down into explicit success criteria. Using Success Criteria Take, for example, a lesson on calculating the area of compound rectilinear shapes. The intended learning objective was written on the main whiteboard. Success criteria were used to break down the individual […]

              Plotting and Interpreting Conversion Graphs

              Plotting and interpreting conversion graphs requires linking together several mathematical techniques.  Recent U.K. examiner reports indicate there are several common misconceptions when plotting and interpreting conversion graphs.  These include: drawing non-linear scales on the x or y axis, using the incorrect units when converting between imperial and metric measurements, taking inaccurate readings from either axis not […]

              Calculating the Volume of a Pyramid

              When calculating the volume of a pyramid we can substitute the values of the length, width and perpendicular height into the formula V = 1/3 lwh.  In my experience this is often provided for the students with little explanation as to why a volume of a pyramid is exactly one third the volume of a […]