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              School’s Annual Membership

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              A school's annual membership gives the following to all its teachers:
              • Unrestricted access to the members page to keep up to date with the term's topics and new teaching and learning materials.
              • Detailed schemes of work for all abilities covering the 11 - 16 curriculum, founded on pedagogy and over 15 years teaching experience.
              • Exclusive access to interactive teaching and learning materials for that will engage and inspire all students.
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              Rounding to a significant figure

              When I teach rounding to a significant figure, I ask the class to discuss in pairs or small groups a definition for the word significant.  It is a word that all the students have heard before but not all are able to define. After 2 or 3 minutes of conversation I ask the students to […]

              Calculating Instantaneous Rates of Change

              When calculating instantaneous rates of change students need to  visualise the properties of the gradient for a straight line graph.   I use the starter activity to see if they can match four graphs with their corresponding equations. The only clue is the direction and steepness of the red lines in relation to the blue line […]

              Converting Between Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

              Fractions, decimals and percentages are ways of showing a proportion of something.  Any fraction can be written as a decimal, and any decimal can be written as a percentage.  In this blog I discuss how to use the place value table and equivalent fractions to illustrate how fractions, decimals and percentages are connected. You can […]