Sketching Quadratic Graphs

Sketching Quadratic Graphs
Sketching Quadratic Graphs
Sketching Quadratic Graphs
Sketching Quadratic Graphs
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              Sketching Quadratic Graphs

              In this mathematics lesson students learn about sketching quadratic graphs by identifying the y intercept, roots and turning point of the parabola.As learning progresses students interchange between solving quadratics using factorisation, completing the square or the quadratic formula.
              Differentiated Learning Objectives
              • All students should be able to calculate and show the roots of a quadratic in a sketched diagram.
              • Most students should be able to sketch a quadratic graph to illustrate its turning point, roots and y-intercept value.
              • Some students should be able to use sketched graphs to determine the number of solutions to two or more simultaneous equations.
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