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Working with Fractions in Key Stage 3 eBook

              Working with Fractions in Key Stage 3 eBook

              This eBook is packed with problems involving fractions and mixed numbers for all students in key stage 3. It contains a A4 printable worksheets that focus on fluency and problem solving ranging from finding equivalant fractions to multiplying and dividing with fractions and mixed numbers.Solutions are provided to enable quick and easy feedback.Topics Included
              • Writing equivalent fractions
              • Introducing mixed numbers
              • Comparing fractions with different denominators
              • Adding fractions using a fraction wall
              • Subtracting fractions using a fraction wall
              • Calculating fractions of an amount
              • Multiplying with fractions
              • Multiplying with mixed numbers and top-heavy fractions.
              • Dividing with fractions using visual methods
              • Dividing with mixed numbers and top-heavy Fractions
              • Calculations with Fractions and Mixed Numbers
              Click here to download a sample PDF.
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