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4 Part Lesson
Populations and Samples
4 Part Lesson
Random and Non-Random Sampling
4 Part Lesson
The Large Data Set
Extended Learning
Two-way tables
Sampling and Bias
Problem Solving
Two-Way Tables and Frequency Trees
Problem Solving
Grouped Data
4 Part Lesson
Frequency Trees
4 Part Lesson
Quantitative and Qualitative Types of Data
4 Part Lesson
Two-way Tables
4 Part Lesson
Stratified Sampling
4 Part Lesson
Designing Questionnaires

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Geometric and Negative Binomial Distributions

Year 13 Further Mathematics: Statistics 1: Geometric and Negative Binomial Distributions

Conditional Probability

Scheme of Work: A-Level Applied Mathematics: Statistics 2: Conditional Probability

The Normal Distribution

A-Level Applied Mathematics Scheme of Work: Normal Distribution