Spring 2 Revision for Grades 5 to 6

The revision program reminds students of the key concepts at their target grade. It is based on a cycle of formal fortnightly, hour-long assessments provided by examination boards.

The revision cycle takes over seven lessons per fortnight, with the assessment in the 7th lesson. Lesson 1 in the next process is used to review the assessment with the students. This ensures every student has sufficient exam-style practice applying the skills they revised in the previous five lessons.

All revision lessons begin with a range of traditional questions that remind students of the skill they are revising. As learning progresses, they apply this skill to solve wide-ranging problems that connect to other areas of mathematics.

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Planes of Symmetry in 3D Shapes

Planes of Symmetry in 3D Shapes for Key Stage 3/GCSE students.

Use isometric paper for hands-on learning and enhanced understanding.

GCSE Trigonometry Skills & SOH CAH TOA Techniques

Master GCSE Math: Get key SOH-CAH-TOA tips, solve triangles accurately, and tackle area tasks. Ideal for students targeting grades 4-5.

Regions in the Complex Plane

Explore Regions in the Complex Plane with A-Level Further Maths: inequalities, Argand diagrams, and geometric interpretations.