Year11 Term 5

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Year11 Term 5

Revising Completing the Square

Revision lesson for solving quadratic equations and identities  by completing the square.Learning progresses fro...

Revising Forming and Solving Quadratic Equations

Students revise how to solve a quadratic equation using the formula.  After sufficient practice solving a range ...

Revising Function Notation and Composite Functions

Students revise how to substitute known values and expressions into basic and composite functions.  As learning ...

Revising Negative and Fractional Indices

Students revise how to apply the rules of index notation evaluate expressions involving fractional and negative ...

Revising Solving Complex Quadratics by Factorisation

Students revise how to solve a quadratic equation in the form ax2 + bx + c = 0 by factorisation.  As learning pr...

Revising the Cosine Rule

Students revise how to use the Cosine Rule to calculate unknown lengths and angles in non-right-angled triangles...

Revising the Sine Rule

Students revise how to apply the Sine Rule to calculate an unknown angle and length in non-right-angled triangle...

Mr Mathematics Blog

Solving Inequalities using a Number Line

Students should be able to represent the solutions to an inequality on a number line, using set notation or as a list of integer values.  Here's how I teach using the balance method for solving inequalities using a number line. Matching inequalities, Number sets and Number Lines At the start of the lesson students recap […]

Practical Tips for Using Mini-Whiteboards in a Mathematics Lesson

In this blog I will share some practical tips for using mini-whiteboards in a mathematics lesson.  I use mini-whiteboards nearly every lesson because they help the students show me the progress they are making.  When I understand what the misconceptions are I am able to address them in subsequent examples as part of my feedback.  […]

Showing Progress during a Mathematics Lesson

Demonstrating student progression during a mathematics lesson is about understanding the learning objective and breaking that down into explicit success criteria. Using Success Criteria Take, for example, a lesson on calculating the area of compound rectilinear shapes. The intended learning objective was written on the main whiteboard. Success criteria were used to break down the individual […]