Mathematics Schemes of Work

As a Head of Mathematics, I understand the importance of a detailed, flexible and simple scheme of work. I designed the Key Stage 3 and GCSE schemes of work to be just that.

Schemes of work are fully aligned with the current specifications and are suitable for study across all UK examination boards, including Edexcel, AQA, WJEC and OCR.

The schemes provide a long and medium-term plan for the Key Stage 3, Foundation and Higher GCSE courses.  They help teachers to create pace and challenge for every class as each lesson draws on and extends previous learning so progress is fluid and rapid.

Linked within the schemes are engaging, interactive and fully differentiated lessons designed to empower teachers to enthuse their students.


Year 12

Year 13

Core Pure 1

Complex Numbers


Methods in Calculus

Volumes of Revolution

Polar Coordinates

Hyperbolic Functions

Methods in Differential Equations

Modelling with differential equations

Further Statistics 1

Geometric and negative binomial distributions

Central Limit Theorem

Probability Generating Functions

Quality of Tests

Further Pure 1


Conic Sections 1


The t-formulae

Numerical Methods


Conic Sections 2


The t-formulae

Taylor Series

Methods in Calculus

Numerical Methods

Reducible differential equations

Mr Mathematics Blog

Interpreting Cumulative Frequency Graphs

Linking cumulative frequency graphs to ratio, percentages and financial mathematics.

Higher GCSE Maths Revision Lesson

In this lesson there are five grade 8 and 9 maths problems for higher ability students.

Grade 4 Maths Revision

Grade 4 GCSE mathematics revision lessons to watch and download.