Two-Way Tables and Frequency Trees

Under exam conditions, students normally achieve most, if not all the marks, when asked to complete a two-way table or frequency tree. Because of this, I wanted to link two-way tables and frequency trees to topics that students who are aiming for a grade 4 often struggle with.

These topics include: fractions, percentages, ratio and simplifying expressions. My intention is that by embedding these skills within a context students are confident with they are more likely to have greater resilience if they find the calculations difficult.

Two-Way Tables and Frequency Trees Tutorials

Two-Way Tables and Frequency Trees

In this problem solving lesson there are five problems, each with fully worked solutions and a student handout. Below are two sample questions, a non-calculator problem with frequency trees and a calculator question with two-way tables.

Frequency Trees

Two-Way Tables and Frequency Trees

To work out the number of girls and boys in the first branch of the frequency tree students need to share the sample by a ratio.

To work out the second branches students calculate a fraction of an amount.

Finally, when the tree is completed students can work out the probability.

Two-Way Tables

Two-Way Tables and Frequency Trees

This is a calculator question with links to:

  • proportional reasoning
  • sharing an amount to a ratio
  • fractions of an amount
  • percentages of an amount
  • writing one number as a percentage of another.

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