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Planes of Symmetry in 3D Shapes

Planes of Symmetry in 3D Shapes for Key Stage 3/GCSE students.

Use isometric paper for hands-on learning and enhanced understanding.

Regions in the Complex Plane

Explore Regions in the Complex Plane with A-Level Further Maths: inequalities, Argand diagrams, and geometric interpretations.

Algebra Lessons

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Taylor’s Series

Further Pure 1 Scheme of Work on Taylor’s Series for A-Level Further Mathematics teachers.

Includes fully planned lessons with worked solutions.

Further Methods in Calculus

Scheme of work for advanced calculus techniques including Weisterstrass Substitution, L’Hospital’s rule and Lebnitz’s theorem.

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Hypothesis Testing and Finding Critical Regions with the Normal Distribution

A-Level Mathematics: Statistics 2: How to hypothesis test and find critical regions with the normal distribution.

Convert to Standard Normal Distribution

Learn to convert any normal distribution into a standard normal distribution with step-by-step tutorials, lessons, and practice worksheets.

Grade 9 Coordinate Geometry Problems

How to solve geometrical problems involving the properties of shapes and straight line graphs.