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Literacy in Mathematics – Creating Problem Solvers

After a recent OFSTED inspection my school was told to focus on literacy across the curriculum. All HoDs were asked to provide a strategy document detailing how we develop student’s literacy.

Literacy in Mathematics

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Mathematics OFSTED Inspection – The Deep Dive

We had an OFSTED inspection last week with 3 HMI trialing the new framework. After a hour interview with a HMI, two joint observations and a book look I wrote a blog to share my experience as Head of Maths.

Mathematics OFSTED Inspection

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Top Tips for Differentiating for the Most Able in a Mathematics Lesson

Differentiation does not have to mean planning three different lessons. In this blog I share 4 simple and easy to manage tips to challenge the most able students.

Top Tips for Differentiating for the Most Able in a Mathematics Lesson

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Homework ideas for Mathematics Lessons

In this blog I share some fairly out of the box homework ideas for mathematics lessons to show setting homework does not have to be a time consuming chore

Homework ideas for Mathematics Lessons

Featured Schemes of Work

Revising Area of 2D Shapes
Grades 5 – 6
Exam Revision

The program of revision reminds students of the key concepts, at their potential target grade. It is based around a cycle of formal fortnightly, hour long assessments which are provided by examination boards.

Properties of Shapes
Working with Decimal Numbers

Students learn how to use place value to add, subtract, multiply and divide with decimal numbers using the column method.  As learning progresses they learn how to round to a given accuracy and use multiplication to solve a range of real life problems.

Algebraic Expessions
Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change

Students learn how to use ratio notation to solve problems ranging from interpreting the scale of a map to calculating a speed, distance or time.

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Preparing Students for a Mathematics Exam

Preparing students for a mathematics exam takes time, patience and careful planning.  In this blog I will share my ideas for teaching students how to prepare for their final exams.  These are strategies that have worked well for me and I have see work well for others.  Creative writing to formulate ideas Students need space […]

Area of Compound Shapes

To find the area of compound shapes students need to understand what the word compound means.  Therefore, I ask students to discuss in pairs a definition for the word compound and to extend it to include the shapes below.  As a result of their learning in science students agree that a compound can be defined […]

Priorities for the Spring Term

At the start of the Spring Term these are three main priorities for me as the Head of Mathematics.