Mean Average and Range

Mean Average and Range / Key Stage 3 / Interactive Lessons
Mean Average and Range
Mean Average and Range
Mean Average and Range
Mean Average and Range

What's Included

  • Smart Notebooks Presentation
  • Interactive Excel File
  • Activ Inspire Flipchart
  • Lesson Plan
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Mean Average and Range

Students learn how to find the mean average and range.  Building on calculating the mean students compare sets of data using the average and range as a measure of spread.At the start of the lesson students recap the mean average by comparing totals.  In the main part they learn how to compare the spread of data using the range.  In the plenary they using the range and mean to calculate missing data values.

Differentiated Learning Objectives

  • All students should be able to calculate the mean average and range from a set of data.
  • Most students should be able to compare data sets using the mean and range.
  • Some students should be able to use the mean and range to calculate unknown data values
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