Problems with Simultaneous Equations

Problems with Simultaneous Equations
Problems with Simultaneous Equations
Problems with Simultaneous Equations
Problems with Simultaneous Equations

              Problems with Simultaneous Equations

              To introduce the idea of equivalent equations the starter involves calculating the common factor between multiple equations in order to determine the odd one out.In the main phase the teacher is provided with progressively more complicated pairs of equations in which to model the idea of making coefficients equal in order for an unknown to be eliminated.
              Differentiated Learning Objectives
              • All students should be able to solve a pair of simultaneous equations with different coefficients using the elimination method
              • Most students should be able to derive and solve a pair of simultaneous equations by equating two unknowns.
              • Some students should be able to equate two unknowns from a diagram and solve using the method of elimination.
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              Solving Simultaneous Equations Foundation Solving Linear Equations Higher
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